Holster Review: Tulster IWB Profile Holster and Echo Mag Carrier

Is it just me or do you instinctively pronounce Tulster as “toaster”? Okay, maybe it is just me, but that’s the first thing I thought of when the Tulster/Toaster IWB Profile holster arrived, along with its companion, the Echo Mag Carrier. Thankfully, I quickly got beyond the silliness when I opened the box and started to play around with the holster and carrier combo.

Initial impression was that this was a good-quality holster with solid molding and a strong clip. I grabbed my Shield 9 mm, cleared it and shoved it into the Kydex. Click. I tried by flip test, where I turn it over and see if the gun falls out. It stuck perfectly. The retention was solid and firm and fully adjustable with a Philips screw right below the trigger guard.

The model Tulster sent me was in a cool grey snakeskin that told me I was lacking a pair of matching cowboy boots. Maybe I’ll remedy that one day. If snakeskin isn’t your thing, Tulster’s products come in a host of other colors and patterns for every taste.

The Profile holster is cant-adjustable up to 15 degrees forward, straight up and down, and every angle in between. It also comes in right- and left-hand options. Just specify when ordering.

Tulster doesn’t put claws on its holsters, which I find odd, especially since they are designed for appendix carry. Instead, they offer an additional product called the Sidekick (MSRP $12.99), which is a claw that glues to the trigger guard area. The kit comes with the claw in two different sizes and all the adhesive accessories to attach it. It was super easy to install and held fast through multiple uses.

The Echo Mag Carrier (MSRP $34.99) comes with the same adjustable single clip that is found on the holster, as well as retention adjustment via hex key in the Mag Retention Device that pushes the device against the side of the mag rather than squeezing from the sides. Holes are drilled on both sides for lefties or righties. Just flip the clip over to the other side and screw it back in. The mag carrier can be worn IWB or OWB with no hardware changes or adjustments.

Both the holster and mag pouch were super easy to put on and take off. The 1.5-inch clips slid easily over a gun belt and held firm all day long with no slippage, and it was comfortable all day.

The holster runs $59.99, which is a great price for a good-quality basic holster with smooth edges and solid retention. Even after adding the Sidekick and Echo Mag Carrier, you’re still looking at a great value at just over $100 for the complete package.

Reprinted with permission from ShootingIllustrated.com.